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Cummins Nursery

1408 Trumansburg Rd, Ithaca NY 14850

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607-592 2801





Dr. James N. Cummins
Cummins Nursery is a small, family-run fruit tree nursery located in Ithaca, a small town in the beautiful Finger Lakes district of western New York. In 1998, my brother John built this website.  He never dreamed that it would still be here 17 years later.  But it the old family car that keeps taking you to the grocery store. 

However, we have been busy the past few months working with our friends Richard and Maureen Borrie of OrangePippin building a new shopping cart website  (Richard is a programmer by night and apple lover by day) and today (March 8, 2015) we are officially taking the new cart out for a drive.  Don't worry, we are not retiring this site, just adding to it.....

 Mom and Dad working in the garden 3/8/2015

So, each page on our vintage site will have a photo  of one of us.  This photo is a virtual door that will take you to our online store.  Go ahead, click on the photo of Mom and Dad and see where it takes you.

 Have Fun!

Mom and Dad working in their garden March 8, 2015.........


Thanks for visiting our website.  Please feel free to give either my Dad (Dr. Jim Cummins) or myself a call or an email.  Dad is an encyclopedia of orchard knowledge.  (He's also a great story teller.  Check out the "Dad's Corner" link in the "about Cummins"  menu bar.)
Steve's phone #  607-227-6147
mailing address:
1408 Trumansburg Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850