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Fruit trees are easy, right? Pop them in the ground and they grow like magic! It's true, but there is plenty to learn if you want to care for your trees, mitigate diseases and pests, and enjoy years of good crops. We have posted some basics here. Also see fruit tree books and web sites.

Checklists & Tutorials

How to plant, prune, and graft fruit trees – and what to do when you receive your box of Cummins trees.

Fruit Tree Glossary

Brush up on these terms that you might encounter around the web site, with links to more in-depth pages.


Fruit Tree Pollination – A Primer for Beginners

All trees must be pollinated to bear fruit, so all orchardists need to learn the basics of this complex subject.

Use Our "Pollenizer" to Find Partners for Your Trees

Try this search tool to identify trees that you can plant in groups for cross-pollination and better cropping.

Diseases & Pests

Fruit Tree Diseases & Pests – An Introduction

If you're going to grow an orchard, you're going to be thinking about the many critters that love fruit trees.

See Our List of Common Fruit Tree Diseases & Pests

Browse our short descriptions of some 35 fruit tree problems that are commonly found in the USA.

More to Learn

Fruit Tree Books

See some of the how-to and historical titles in our home fruit tree library – plus books for orchard kids.

Fruit Tree Sites & Videos

Browse these resources for further learning about best practices for orchard planning and management.

Featured Products

A few things we're loving right now...

Historic American Fruit Trees

These apples and pears were grown in North America during the Colonial Era and through the time of the American...

Winecrisp™ Apple on G.11

A beautiful purple, late-season, disease-resistant dessert apple.

Flemish Beauty Pear on OHxF 87

A hardy pear with exceptionally good flavor.

Backyard Fruit Trees

Looking for easy-to-grow trees for your home orchard? Choose from these apple, peach, pear, plum, and cherry varieties that...