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Family Tree

Here you can learn about Cummins Nursery and Dr. Jim Cummins, who helped develop the Geneva apple rootstocks at Cornell University. Also see our home farm in Upstate New York, and make virtual visits to our extended fruit tree family – our customers' orchards (coming soon!).

About Cummins Nursery

Since 1994, a small fruit tree nursery in Ithaca, NY, shipping to professionals and hobbyists in 48 states.

About Indian Creek Farm

The nursery sits on the back acres of our U-pick fruit and vegetable farm – come visit during harvest season.

About Dr. Cummins

Dr. Jim Cummins: Apple Breeder and Rootstock Scientist, Cornell University (Retired)

Dad spent 40 years at the Geneva Experiment Station, developing the "G" apple rootstock series to counter the double whammy of fireblight and collar rot.

Dad Stories: Fun Orchard Tales and Anecdotes from Mid-Century Farm Life by Dr. Cummins

From Ben Davis apples and the dry houses of the 1930s, to loading "reefers" and making apple butter with the Ladies Aid Society in Southern Illinois.

Featured Products

A few things we're loving right now...

Historic American Fruit Trees

These apples and pears were grown in North America during the Colonial Era and through the time of the American...

Winecrisp™ Apple on G.11

A beautiful purple, late-season, disease-resistant dessert apple.

Flemish Beauty Pear on OHxF 87

A hardy pear with exceptionally good flavor.

Backyard Fruit Trees

Looking for easy-to-grow trees for your home orchard? Choose from these apple, peach, pear, plum, and cherry varieties that...