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Find Pollination Partners for Your Fruit Trees

Welcome to "The Pollenizer" – our search tool for finding trees or scions to buy for your orchard. In the Search for Trees tab, you can select a tree in the dropdown menu, and the application will find trees for pairing with your selection. In the Search for Scions tab, same idea – but rootstocks are not considered. See the note at the bottom of this page for details about the search logic, and read about fruit tree pollination for an introduction to this not-so-simple subject! Note: Searching on sweet cherries, European plums, Japanese plums, or apricots will not yield specific results given various complexities.

Select a product from the dropdown menu above to search for pollenizer recommendations. Tree results will appear in two batches: (1) trees that we have in stock and (2) trees that can be created for custom orders.

How the search works

  • For apple, pear, and peach, the search considers the category (apples to apples, peaches to peaches, etc.), bloom group (when the variety is in flower), and rootstock size class (to suggest trees of similar height for your orchard, i.e., not suggesting dwarf trees when you have selected a standard size tree).
  • For apples, we also consider ploidy, a genetic factor specific to apples.
  • For pears, we also consider subcategories, i.e. Asian pears vs. European pears.
  • For tart cherries, we only suggest other tart cherries.


  • Sweet cherries, European plums, Japanese plums, and apricots will not show specific results given various complexities.
  • Search terms and results are based on what we sell at Cummins Nursery. The Pollenizer is searching trees or scions that are currently listed in our online inventory and custom tree catalog, which change year-to-year. The scion inventory is posted for a only few winter months each year.