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Fruit Tree Pollination

To find out whether a specific tree requires a pollenizer, click on the variety you are interested in and scroll all the way down to the "Pollination" section. If the tree is not self-fertile, it will need a pollenizer. You can then click on the pollenizer search if you want to see even more recommended pollenizers than those that appear in the short list on the variety page. Or, you can just visit our Pollenizer Search and type your variety name in the search field.

The pollination of fruit trees is a complicated and diverse topic, aspects of which remain poorly researched. If you are interested in learning about pollination we have gathered  tons of information on the following pages.

Pollination Primer (Does my tree need a pollenizer?)

Pollenizer Search (What do we recommend?)

Bloom Dates (Why does timing matter?)

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