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What to Do When You Receive Your Cummins Trees

Your trees have arrived! It's a wonderful day. But you might have questions: Must I hurry and plant the trees today? Will they freeze or dry out? How can I store them until planting?

Here's how to start:

  1. Open each box. If you CUT a box open, take care not too cut too deep, so you don't slice the moisture wrap around the roots. We usually wrap the roots in plastic, which you can leave on for now.
  2. Pull tree bundles out of the box. You should remove the trees from the box regardless of whether you are able to plant them immediately.
  3. IMPORTANT! Count your trees. Note the attached scion-rootstock labels and match them against your order. Did you get all the correct trees? If not, contact us!
  4. Proceed to our checklist, How to Plant a Fruit Tree. That will guide your next moves, including options for whether you are planting immediately or planting within 1 day or planting at a later date. You can skip to Step 2 since you have already opened your boxes.

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