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Galaxy Peach on Lovell (Spring 2021)


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The Fruit

Fruit Type

Category: Peach

Fruit Uses & Storage

Storage duration: (approximate, depending on storage conditions)

Fruit Appearance

Skin color:
Flesh color:

Fruit Origins

Introduced in:
Introduced by:

The Environment

Calendar & Geography

USDA zones: -
Chill hours:
Ripening date: (approximate, in New York State) days after

Tree Height & Spacing

Rootstock: Lovell Rootstock
Rootstock size class: Standard (100% Size)
Tree spacing (natural spread of tree): 35'
Good for wildlife planting? N

Diseases & Pests

Galaxy Peach on Lovell does not have any diseases or pests associated with it at this time.


Pollination Factors

Bloom group:
Is it self-fertile?
Is it fertile?
Ploidy: Triploid
Rootstock size class: Standard (100% Size)

Pollination Partners

This table shows the first few results from a full search for pollenizers of Galaxy Peach on Lovell. Please see our Pollenizer Search to run other queries and read how the application uses various factors. Also read more about fruit tree pollination.

Tree Ships Currently in Stock
BuenOs™ II Peach on Lovell 2021 0
TangOs® (Yellow Peento) Peach on Lovell 2021 0
TangOs® II (Green Peento) Peach on Lovell 2021 0
PF 8 Ball Peach on Lovell 2021 0
PF Lucky 13 Peach on Bailey 2021 0
PF 5D Big Peach on Bailey 2021 0
PF 19-007 Peach on Bailey 2021 0
Redhaven Peach on Bailey 2021 0
Reliance Peach on Lovell 2021 0
Veteran Peach on Bailey 2021 0
Desiree® Peach on Lovell 2021 0

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