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Privacy Policy

Cummins Nursery does not sell your email address or other personal information to any company.

The Cummins Nursery web site collects user information and shares it with selected companies in order to conduct the business of our web site and associated systems. Examples include the following.


In order to process credit card payments, our web site shares customer credit card information with our payment processing company. Cummins Nursery does not store or have access to full credit card details.


Our web site shares shipment information with our shipping companies. The shipping companies do not have access to all order details.


The web host for has access to customer account information and order details.  They do not store or have access to full credit card details. 


When a user initiates the newsletter signup process, our web site shares the email address with our email newsletter companies. Those companies may collect other user data when a user interacts with their systems.


Our Google Analytics implementation collects user data such as session duration, operating system, device model, geography, and start/end of session. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Featured Products

A few things we're loving right now...

Enterprise Apple on B.118

An attractive, highly disease-resistant apple, ideal for organic growers.

Balaton® Cherry on Mahaleb

A late-blooming, crack-resistant tart cherry with red flesh.

Santa Rosa Plum on Myrobalan

A reliable, self-fertile plum that performs very well on the West Coast.

Pixie Crunch™ Apple on G.41

A sweet little jewel of an apple that children love.