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Scion List

This is our list of Scion available for use in Custom Trees. You can also read about providing your own cuttings for Cummins Nursery to use in your custom budding order.

Scion Name Scion Category
Akane apple
Alkmene apple
Almata apple
Amere de Berthencourt apple
Anna apple
Anton Polt apple
Antonovka (Common) apple
Antonovka Kamenichka apple
Arkansas Black apple
Arlet apple
Arthur Turner apple
Ashmead's Kernel apple
Ashton Bitter apple
Austin Nolan apple
Autumn Crisp apple
Baldwin apple
Barnhill Sharp apple
Beauty of Bath apple
Bedan apple
Belle de Boskoop apple
Belle Fille apple
Belle Norman apple
Bellefleur Krashnyi apple
Ben Davis apple
Berlepsch, Freiherr Von apple
Binet Blanc Dore apple
Binet Rouge apple
Black Oxford apple
Blanc Mollet apple
Blanquina apple
Blenheim Orange apple
Blue Pearmain apple
Braeburn apple
Bramley's Seedling apple
Bramtot apple
Brown Snout apple
Brown's Apple apple
Bulmer's Norman apple
Burford Redflesh apple
Burgundy apple
c'huero Biz Bras apple
c'huero Ru Bienn apple
Calville Blanc apple
Campfield apple
Cap of Liberty apple
Cartigny apple
Centennial Crab apple
Chenango Strawberry apple
Chestnut Crab apple
Chieftain apple
Chisel Jersey apple
Cindy-RedOrn apple
Claygate Pearmain apple
Coat Jersey apple
Coconut Crunch apple
Collaos apple
Coloradona apple
Colozette apple
Cornish Gilliflower apple
Cortland apple
Court Pendu Plat apple
Court Royal apple
Cox's Orange Pippin apple
Cox, Queen apple
Cristalina apple
Custom Aarismaa apple
Custom Brandon Ring apple
Custom Brayton apple
Custom Falter apple
Custom Gibbs apple
Custom Opanashuk 1 apple
Custom Opanashuk 2 apple
Custom Seay-Fernandez #1 apple
Custom Seay-Fernandez #2 apple
Dabinett apple
De La Riega apple
Dolgo Crab apple
Domaines apple
Douce Moen apple
Doux Normandie apple
Duchess of Oldenburg apple
Edelborsdorfer apple
Egremont Russet apple
Ellis Bitter apple
Elstar apple
Empire apple
Erwin Bauer apple
Evercrisp apple
Fall Russet apple
Fameuse apple
Fenouillet Gris apple
Fiesta apple
Fillbarrel apple
Florina apple
Flower of Kent apple
Fortune apple
Freedom apple
Frequin (162503) apple
Frequin Audieure apple
Frequin Rouge apple
Frequin Tardive apple
Freyberg apple
Fuji apple
Fuji, Beni Shogun apple
Gala apple
Geneva apple
Geneva Crab apple
Geneva Redflesh apple
Gilpin apple
Gnarled Chapman apple
Golden Delicious apple
Golden Hornet apple
Golden Noble apple
Golden Nugget apple
Golden Russet apple
Golden Spire apple
Graniwinkle apple
Granny Smith apple
Gravenstein apple
Gravenstein, Red apple
Grenadier apple
Grenadine apple
Grimes Golden apple
Haralson apple
Harrison apple
Harry Masters Jersey apple
Hawaii apple
Hawkeye apple
Hendric Sweet apple
Herefordshire Redstreak apple
Hibernal apple
Holiday apple
Holstein Pippin apple
Honeycrisp apple
Honeygold apple
Hubbardston Nonsuch apple
Hudson's Golden Gem apple
Idared apple
Initial apple
James Grieve apple
Jefferis apple
Jesse Hall apple
Jim-DoublePink apple
JNC DRC North apple
JNC DRC South apple
Jonafree apple
Jonagold apple
Jonagold Red apple
Jonalicious apple
Jonamac apple
Jonathan apple
Kandil Sinap apple
Karmijn de Sonneville apple
Kenney Seedling 1 apple
Kenney Seedling 2 apple
Kenney Seedling 3 apple
Kenney Seedling 4 apple
Kenney Stayman apple
Kensib apple
Kermerrien apple
Kerr apple
Kidd's Orange Red apple
Kinder Krisp apple
King David apple
King of Tompkins County apple
Kingston Black apple
Kronebusch apple
Lady apple
Lamb Abbey Pearmain apple
Laxton's Superb apple
Lemoen apple
Liberty apple
Macoun apple
Major apple
Margil apple
Marialena apple
Marin Oufrey apple
Martha apple
McIntosh apple
McIntosh, Indian Creek apple
Medaille d'Or apple
Medina apple
Melrose apple
Mercer apple
Messire Jacques apple
Mettais apple
Michelin apple
MN1980 apple
Mollie's Delicious apple
Mother apple
Murray apple
Muscadet de Dieppe apple
Muscat de Bernay apple
Mutsu apple
Mystery apple
Nehou apple
Newtown Pippin apple
Newtown Pippin (Greene) apple
Niedzwetzkyana apple
Noel de Champs apple
Norfolk Beefing apple
Northern Spy apple
Northland Crab apple
Northwest Greening apple
Nova Spy apple
NY 35 apple
NY 414-1 apple
OctoberCrisp apple
Okanagan apple
Old Nonpareil apple
Opalescent apple
Orleans Reinette apple
Otterson apple
Panquerina apple
Papirovka apple
Peau d'Ane apple
Peau de Vache apple
Pepa apple
Pepin Shafranni apple
Perico apple
Piel de Sapa apple
Pine Golden Pippin apple
Pink Pearl apple
Pitmaston Pineapple apple
Pomme Gris apple
Porter's Perfection apple
Pound Sweet apple
Poveshon 1 apple
Poveshon 2 apple
Poveshon 3 apple
Prairie Spy apple
PRI 1346-2 apple
PRI 2190-1 apple
Priscilla apple
Puget Spice apple
Raxao apple
Razor Russet apple
Red Delicious apple
Redbyrd Bitter apple
Redfield apple
Redstreak (175543) apple
Regent apple
Reine des Pommes apple
Reine des Reinettes apple
Reineta do Caravia apple
Reinette Clochard apple
Reinette d'Armorique apple
Reinette Zabergau apple
Repinaldo do Liebana apple
Rhode Island Greening apple
Ribston Pippin apple
Robert's Crab apple
Rousse Latour apple
Roxbury Russet apple
Royal Jubilee apple
Rubinette apple
RubyMac apple
Saint-Martin apple
Sangre de Toro apple
Sansa apple
Scarlett O'Hara apple
Senshu apple
Shinsei apple
Shizuka apple
Sieversii Malus #2 apple
Sieversii Malus #5 apple
Sir Prize apple
Slavyanka apple
Smokehouse apple
Solarina apple
Somerset Redstreak apple
Spartan apple
Spencer apple
Spigold apple
Spijon apple
Spitzenburg Esopus apple
Splendour apple
St. Edmund's Russet apple
Stembridge Cluster apple
Stoke Red apple
Sturmer Pippin apple
Summer Rambo apple
Sunrise apple
Suntan apple
Surprise apple
Sweet Coppin apple
Teorica apple
Test Akane apple
Test Ashmead's Kernel apple
Test Honey Crisp apple
Tom Putt apple
Toringo apple
Transcendent Crab apple
Tremlett's Bitter apple
Tsugaru apple
Twenty Ounce apple
Tydeman's Early Worcester apple
Tydeman's Late Orange apple
Van Eseltine apple
Van Eseltine apple
Verdialona apple
Viking apple
Vilberie apple
Virginia Crab apple
Wagener apple
Wealthy apple
White Jersey apple
White Winter Pearmain apple
Wickson Crab apple
Winesap Stayman apple
Winesap, Virginia apple
Winter Banana apple
Wolf River apple
Worcester Pearmain apple
Xuanina apple
Yarlington Mill apple
Yellow Bellflower apple
Yellow Transparent apple
Zestar!® apple
AC™ Harrow Crisp pear
AC™ Harrow Gold pear
AC™ Harrow Sweet pear
Anjou pear
Atago pear
Aurora pear
Barland pear
Bartlett pear
Blake's Pride pear
Bon Rouge pear
Bosc pear
Brandy pear
Buerre Giffard pear
Burbank pear
Butt pear
Cold Snap® HW614 CV. pear
Flemish Beauty pear
French Kalle (Sport) pear
Gelbmostler pear
Gem pear
Gin pear
Harrow Delight pear
Harvest Queen pear
Hendre Huffcap pear
Highland pear
Highlander pear
Honeysweet pear
Hosui pear
K 209 pear
Kalle pear
Kenney Pear pear
Kieffer pear
Kittle's Pear pear
Kosui pear
Madame Boutant pear
Magness pear
Maxine pear
MN 121 pear
Moonglow pear
Niitaka pear
Normännische pear
Olympic pear
Potomac pear
Rescue pear
Rogue Red pear
Schweitzer Wasserbirne pear
Seckel pear
Shenandoah pear
Shinko pear
Shinseiki pear
Shinsui pear
Summercrisp pear
Test Bartlett pear
Test Hosui pear
Theilsbirne pear
Winnal's Longdon pear
Yellow Huffcap pear
Yoinashi pear

Number of Scion: 377

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