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All Scions for Zone 3 (Spring 2022)

Want to make your own trees? Looking for exotic varieties? We offer scionwood from common fruits to Old World varieties and rare heirlooms, and we will ship you the sticks for your own budding and grafting projects. We post the available scion inventory in winter after the growing season. Scionwood sticks ship in March and April during our normal tree shipping season. You can also inquire about custom trees budded for you by Cummins Nursery.

You are viewing Zone 3
You are viewing Zone 3
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Choose a fruit category to refine your search
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Wickson Crab

Apple Scionwood

Ripens Oct 20

A high-sugar, high-acid crabapple that is popular with cider makers...

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Winecrisp™ Apple on G.11

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