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All Apple Rootstocks (Spring 2023)

We offer many kinds of disease-resistant and traditional rootstocks. You can order 1, 2, 50, or thousands of rootstocks. We offer this because we love that people all over America are trying their hands at grafting, budding, and creative orcharding. We post the rootstock inventory in September. Rootstocks ship in March and April during our normal tree shipping season. Rootstocks are roughly 1/4" diameter, approximately pencil-size. You can also inquire about custom trees.

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8 results 
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Product Name Category Size In Stock
B.118 (2023) Apple Semi-Standard Sold Out
G.202 (2023) Apple Semi-Dwarf Sold Out
G.210 (2023) Apple Semi-Dwarf Sold Out
G.890 (2023) Apple Half-Standard Sold Out
G.935 (2023) Apple Semi-Dwarf Sold Out
G.969 (2023) Apple Semi-Dwarf Sold Out
M.7 (2023) Apple Half-Standard Sold Out
MM.111 (2023) Apple Semi-Standard Sold Out