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Custom Trees: Providing Your Own Cuttings

Important! The instructions on this page are for sending your cuttings to Cummins Nursery AFTER you have placed a custom tree order AND received order confirmation from us! You can start the process with the Custom Tree Inquiry Form or email us at

Mailing Address

All budwood for custom orders should be sent to:

Cummins Nursery
1408 Trumansburg Road
Ithaca, NY 14850


Please arrange for the wood to be received no later than August 15th. The fresher the wood is, the better, so please be prepared to package properly and send immediately after cutting. 


Please consider the following points for budwood preparation and shipment:

  • Viable budwood must be the current season's growth.
  • Only cut and send wood that is at least 1/4" thick at the base (pencil thickness). 
  • Cut wood into 1-foot sections, and remove the leaves carefully, being mindful to not damage the buds. This is best done in a shady spot, as full sun is stressful for freshly cut budwood.
  • Label the bundle, and please be sure to include your name clearly. 
  • Immediately wrap the budwood in a cool, moist paper towel. 
  • Place the bundle in a Ziploc plastic bag, and send wood via Priority Mail.  
  • The fresher your budwood, the better the chance of successful budding.
  • Only store the wood between cutting and sending if it is absolutely necessary. If you need to store the wood in between cutting and sending, store at 34 degrees -- a refrigerator is fine, but be sure that there are no fruits or vegetables in storage with the wood.

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