Somerset Redstreak

Preferred blending base for the early to mid season at Eves Cidery in Ithaca NY, grown in volume for its classic bittersweet nose and ability to soften harsher tannins and fruit characters without loss of flavor. (TAKEN FROM ASHRIDGE TREES) One of the earliest ripening varieties to have that elusive & hard to define character known as vintage quality. Somerset Redstreak is the apple behind Thatchers Redstreak Cider, which won the 2007 International Cider and Perry Competition. The attractive fruit are deep, shiny red with stripy marks. The juice is a refreshing, soft bittersweet. This is a good tree if you are in hurry to start making cider as it will begin cropping a year before most other varieties. Though it does tend to a biennial cropping habit, it is reliable in its cycle and will crop well in both on and off years with proper thinning.