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We've selected these varieties primarily for flavor, cold hardiness and disease resistance. Basically, the varieties that we have chosen are for the home gardener or the roadside stand.

Raised Beds.--We strongly recommend raised beds on all these berry crops, even on the best soils.  On marginal soils, raised bed culture makes difference between having berry crops and having none. 

$3.35 Apiece any variety.  Price includes any royalties.


A different sort of everbearer. Prelude ís summer crop is larger than the autumn harvest.  Just introduced by breeders at Cornell-Geneva.  Ripens very, very early.  Good flavor; medium size.  Vigorous and productive; suckers freely. available 2010

Just introduced by Cornell breeders at Geneva;  Canby x Cherokee.  Very large berries.  Firm, dry skin makes handling easier.  Very good flavor.  Long harvest begins just after Titan.  Canes almost without spines.  available 2010

Extremely winter hardy ; consistently productive. Early ripening; flavor even better than the old Latham. Excellent freezer. Fruit medium size.   Chief x Indian Summer, from the Morden, Manitoba research station.     available 2010


Still the standard for fall-cropping raspberries. High quality fruit, heavy production. Many growers aim for both June and autumn crops, but we think the better route is to mow down Heritage in late winter, forget the June crop, and depend on Boyne, Canby and Taylor for a succession of summer raspberries. available 2010

Excellent quality, large fruit . Moderately winter hardy. Canes nearly without prickles . Long fruiting season, beginning midseason.  Viking x Lloyd George, from Oregon State breeders.  sold out 2010

AUTUMN BLISS    A recent introduction from England that has been performing well here.  An "everbearer" like Heritage, but the fall crop begins ripening 10 to 15 days earlier than Heritage and fruits are somewhat larger. Considerable heat tolerance.  Complex pedigree. Plant patent #6597. none for 2010


KILLARNEY.--Good companion variety for Boyne.  These two are the most winter hardy we grow.  Killarney ripens about a week or 10 days after Boyne.  Fruit slightly larger than Boyne, and lighter red;  excellent flavor.  Canes sturdy, medium high.   A sister to Boyne:  Chief x Indian Summer, from the Morden, Manitoba research station.   sold out 2010

We're quite excited about this fine new variety -- it's very large, excellent flavor, adequate winter hardiness; picking begins early in the season and extends through late midseason.     Plant Patent #10610.  sold out 2010   

TAYLOR  Highest eating quality. Medium-sized berries. Vigorous and productive. Season after Canby.  sold out 2010

 HighbushBlueberriesBlueberries must have acid soil, pH 4.5 to 5.5.  More alkaline than pH 5.5 will result in iron deficiency, with severely reduced production.  Sulfur or aluminum sulfate can be used to make soil more acid.   Raised beds are very helpful on good soils, essential on heavier soils. 
  1 to 2 @ $12,  

3+  $9.75 EACH


1 each of the following will give you a very long picking season.


Patriot.--Early ripening, just before BlueRay.  Very hardy.  Berries large, bright blue, small scar, very good flavor.  Bush is vigorous, upright.    

BlueRay.--Early midseason, ripening just after Spartan and before BlueCrop.  Very large berries in small clusters;  very sweet;  aromatic.  Bush vigorous and very productive. Considerable disease tolerance. 

BlueCrop.--Most important variety in mid-Atlantic region.  Large, bright light-blue berries with very good flavor.  Very productive; long harvest.  Considerable tolerance of frost and drought.  Winter-hardy. 

Jersey  Late-season variety that is easy to grow, high-yielding, and one of the oldest and most widely grown blueberry varieties. The berries are dark blue, medium in size, and very sweet.  Zone 4-7

Elliot    Very late season, 2 weeks after Jersey.  It is hardy from zones 4-7. The fruit is medium size, firm light blue and has good flavor. The bush is vigorous, upright, winter hardy and productive.



BlueJay.--Midseason, ripening just after Blueray.  Medium-sized fruit. Vigorous, upright bush.  Introduced by Michigan State.   sold out

Spartan.--High quality, perhaps best of our varieties;   early season, ripening just before Patriot.  Fruit is firm, large, light blue.  Bush is productive, upright, good vigor. Requires nearly ideal soil -- very well drained, preferably sandy.  Some disease tolerance.  sold out