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Spring 2015 Price Schedule
 To place an order for less than 100 trees
please go to our new shop site  by clicking on the picture of Joanna
shopping somewhere in Africa


 What does Feathered, 11/16, 9/16, 7/16 and 5/16 mean?  This roughly refers to the caliper and therefore size of a tree.  Grading is a very subjective process.  A #1 Chenango Strawberry is well branched and BIG.  A #1 Frostbite is a small whip.   We charge the same for both.  Perhaps it is best to think in terms of #1 grade, #2 grade etc.  Not all varieties are created equal.  We reserve the largest caliper tree available when you order unless otherwise directed.

for Apple and European Pear
Total number of trees in order 
Feathered or 11/16

or #1 grade

or #2 grade


or #3 grade


our smallest grade.

1-19 trees 
$27.75 $23.75 $20.75 $17.75
$23.75 $20.75 $17.75 $14.75
$20.75 $17.75 $14.75 $12.75
$17.75 $14.75 $12.75 $10.75
500+ (CUSTOM) ($14.75) $12.75 $10.75 $9.75

for Asian Pear and stone fruit -- Please add $2.00 per tree to chart above

  • FAQ's
  • Yes, in arriving at a quantity discount, all trees in the total order are counted
  • On orders for 2015, we request a 50% deposit on orders of $500.00 or more;  on smaller orders, we request payment in full at time of order confirmation.
  • for orders of 50 or more trees, we charge a "broken bundle" fee of $2.00 per variety (not per tree) for lots of less than five trees. Our bundle size, in other words, is five, but is waived for orders of less than 50 trees
  • (For example:  if you order one each of 50 different varieties there will be a $100 total surcharge.  If you order two each of 25 different varieties, $50 total. If you order 5 each of ten varieties there will be no broken bundle surcharge.)


ROYALTIES are not reflected in above price schedule


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