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Crab pollenizers make it possible to plant solid blocks.  These crabs are resistant to fire blight; using them can make a modest reduction in seriousness of fire blight infection in your fruiting variety.  By having the right pollen at the right time you can help insure a full set.  We recommend growing the pollen tree as a tall, unbranched pole with just a small cluster of fruiting spurs at the top;  this permits planting the pollenizer in between two regular tree spaces.


SNOWDRIFT  Small to medium size white flowers.  Very good pollenizer for midseason-blooming varieties.  Blooms with Delicious.  Heavy pollen   producer.    FIREBLIGHT RESISTANT       

GOLDEN HORNET  Small white flowers, high nectar and pollen volume, with good bee activity.  Midseason bloom.  Heavy return bloom.   FIREBLIGHT TOLERANT.     

INDIAN SUMMER   Red flowers, red leaves, red wood, red fruit.  An excellent pollenizer for Gala.     

DOLGO CRAB.  For earlier blooming varieties.  Abundant pollen.  Precocious and productive of 1-inch crabapples that make excellent jelly.  Useful astringent modifier for cider.        

NOVOLE  Although introduced as a vole-resistant trunk stock, Novole is also an excellent pollenizer for Delicious and later-blooming varieties.  Precocious, very heavy pollen production over 10-day period.  RESISTANT TO FIREBLIGHT AND SCAB  

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