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Donut peach ripening relative to Redhaven, which ripens around August 15 in Ithaca, NY.

NJF 15 BUENOs II Developed at the New Jersey Ag Experiment Station, this is an attractive early mid-season yellow peento with 70-80% medium red color on a yellow background. The fruit is firm and handles well with very little of the stem pull problem, associated with Saturn. The tree is productive and resistant to bacterial spot. 

NJF 16 YELLOW PEENTO TANGOs This outstanding selection from the Ag Experiment Station at Rutgers University ripens with Saturn and has excellent size and firmness. The fruit has 100% yellow skin color and picks clean. Flavor is wonderfully sweet. The tree is upright, vigorous and resistant to bacterial spot.  

NJF 17 GREEN PEENTO TANGOs II   A new peento (donut) selection from the New Jersey Ag Experiment Station, NJF 17 ripens ten days after Saturn, with greenish-yellow skin over the entire surface of the fruit. This selection has been more challenging to grow compared to NJF 16, yet the fruit quality and flavor have ranked very high. The tree is vigorous and resistant to bacterial spot.

NJF 18 Red PEENTOs It is a red-skinned, yellow flesh clingstone that was developed by Rutgers University. The fruit is large, very firm and high quality with a sweet, sub-acid flavor. The tree is vigorous and winter hardy. Please note that the flowers are pollen sterile and require cross pollination from another variety.

SATURN (3 days later than Redhaven).  Hardy.  "Donut" peach.  Small and tasty. 

Ripening of white-fleshed peaches relative to Redhaven, which ripens around August 15 in Ithaca, NY.

A set of taste-treat flavors quite unlike the flavors of yellow-fleshed peaches. Whites generally are more tender, more easily bruised, less tolerant of brown rot.

BLUSHING STAR   White peach ripening about 3 weeks after Redhaven.  Distinctive flavor -- very sweet, slightly acidic, very aromatic.  Non-browning freestone.  Some resistance to bacterial spot.  

CAROLINA BELLE (About 10 days later than Redhaven) Beautiful white freestone. From the great peach breeding program at North Carolina State University;  Biscoe X Starlite, introduced in 1987.  Elegant flavor.  Good performance at Geneva; productive.   Susceptible to bacterial spot.

EDEN  A superb introduction from the Geneva station. Champion x Raritan Rose. Firm, almost crisp, creamy-white flesh. Texture and flavor reminescent of Heath Cling (but Eden is a freestone). Cream-colored skin overlaid with pink and red. Ripening about a week after Redhaven. Consistently productive at Littletree Orchards, with winter lows colder than at Geneva. 

NJ 252 (2 weeks after Redhaven) This hardy, white fleshed peach was developed by the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. The fruit is firm, medium to large, with moderate resistance to bacterial leaf spot. NJ 252 is sold by other nurseries under the Summer Pearl® trademark.

RARITAN ROSE   (4 or 5 days after Redhaven). A firm, attractive, white fleshed freestone of good quality. Older variety from the Rutgers breeding program. The tree is vigorous, very winter hardy, and productive, with excellent resistance to bacterial spot. Chilling requirement about 1050, giving considerable tolerance to late spring frosts.  A fine early white peach for the roadside trade. 


CHART 1. Ripening dates of peaches relative to Redhaven, which ripens around August 15 here in Ithaca, NY. 

peach hiding in a peach branch
Redhaven peach
REDHAVEN 4 weeks earlier than Elberta.   Forty years after its introduction by Michigan State University, Redhaven remains the standard of excellence in its season.  High Vitamin C; very slow browning, so excellent for freezing.   Good bud hardiness, and lots of fruit buds to start with,so thinning is usually required.      

AUTUMNSTAR  Late ripening.  High quality. 

BOUNTY A large, firm, yellow freestone ripening with Loring, about 12 days before Elberta. Very attractive red overall. High quality.  Slowly replacing Loring in the Shenandoah-Cumberland region. From the USDA breeding program at Kearneysville, West Virginia.      

BRIGHTON  Sunhigh x Redhaven cross from the Geneva station (NY 2622).  Ripens about 2 weeks before Redhaven.  Uniform medium size, bright red on yellow ground color.  Semicling. Flavor very similar to Redhaven;  slow to brown.  Productive.          

CANDOR  Very good quality for such an earlypeach --  nearly 3 weeks before Redhaven.  Non-browning. Rather heavy production.  Like all the very early varieties, splitpits can be a problem.      

CAROLINA GOLD  New yellow-fleshed introduction with very long chilling (1050 c.u.) --same as Contender.  A NCSU cross of Biscoe x NC-C55-067 (Encore x Calarida San Miguel 2383).  Fruit very large; excellent dessert quality.  Relatively resistant to bacterial spot.  Patented; 

CONTENDER (3 weeks after Redhaven, a week earlier than Elberta) Large, round fruit; yellow with bright red blush over most of surface. From the NCSU breeding program;  Summercrest X Redhaven, introduced in 1987.  Non-browning. Late blooming; considerable resistance to bacterial spot; consistent cropping.      

CORALSTAR  Cold hardy. 19 days after RH.  Coralstar® is a large, beautiful freestone peach with 80% red color that matures just before Loring. The flesh is firm, with wonderful flavor. Coralstar® holds well on the tree and in storage and does not brown when cut. The tree is hardy and resistant to bacterial spot. 

CRESTHAVEN (25 days after Redhaven, 3 days earlier than Elberta) A Michigan State introduction from the Kalhaven x Southhaven cross. Typical 'Haven peach -- round, medium-large, brightly colored. Freestone. Non-browning. Good winter hardiness but generally only moderately thrifty tree. Productive.        

EARLISTAR  A great early season, fresh market variety. The fruit is semi-freestone, it colors to an almost full, dark red and has good flavor and firmness. Tree has moderate vigor and is very productive requiring heavy thinning practices. Harvests eighteen days before Redhaven.  

EARLY REDHAVEN   A bud sport of the original Redhaven, ripening about a week earlier -- otherwise no change. Very similar to Garnet Beauty.  See Garnet Beauty

ELBERTA (4 weeks later than Redhaven)  A wonderful old variety that has been all but destroyed by growers who "jumped the gun".  High quality when permitted to ripen on the tree (but how many thousands of carloads of green Elberta baseballs have been shipped onto glutted markets?!?)  Fully freestone.  Vigorous; consistently productive.  Elberta and Belle of Georgia both originated from the same batch of Chinese Cling seedlings, found in 1870.                  

GARNET BEAUTY   (8 days before Redhaven)  An early-ripening sport of Redhaven.  Greater tendency to clingstone, but otherwise like redhaven.   

GENERAL (P417-86) Introduced jointly by USDA-Fresno and the Geneva station -- Flamecrest x Harbinger. Ripens about 5 days after Redhaven, filling an important gap in peach harvest. Firm, high quality fruit, much like Redhaven.  Fruit medium size, very uniform;  suitable for shipping.  Bud hardiness similar to Redhaven.    

GLOHAVEN A typical 'Haven peach -- round, red, nearly fuzzless; slow to brown, excellent freezing. Much larger than Redhaven. Ripens midway between Redhaven and Cresthaven.         

GLOWINGSTAR  27 days after Redhaven. Sept 12 in NY One of the Stellar® series developed in Michigan. A large, yellow fleshed, freestone peach ripening in the Cresthaven season. Trees are winter hardy, productive, and resistant to bacterial spot.  Royalty $1.00.    

HARROW DIAMOND  The first really good quality peach to ripen at Geneva, about 18 days before Redhaven.  From the Agriculture Canada breeding program at Harrow, Ontario.  Skin 70%red blush;  yellow flesh; nearly freestone.  Heavybudset andgood hardiness, so thinning is usually required.  Considerable resistanceto bacterial spot, brown rot and perennial canker.       

INTREPID  Ripens midway between Redhaven and Elberta. Excellent flavor and quality. Very high chilling requirement -- well over 1000 hrs. This gives outstanding frost tolerance. However, flower bud survival and fruit set are usually very high, so heavy thinning may be required to get 2-3/4" fruit consistently. Patented.

JOHNBOY  Now claimed a prominent status as a commercial peach variety. Discovered by Ed Clendenning in 1981 as a complete limb sport of Loring. Fruit is of very high quality ripening ten to fourteen days before Loring with better color. Fruit is large and very firm. The tree is vigorous and productive with good resistance to bacterial leaf spot.

LAUROL  This late maturing peach ripens five to ten days after Autumnglo. Fruit is large with attractive red skin and firm yellow flesh. Discovered in Richwood, New Jersey by Donald Reuter. 

LORING  (2 weeks after Redhaven) A fine quality midseason freestone.  From the Missosuri station, a cross of Frank x Halehaven introduced in 1946.  Hardy and productive in sites where Elberta thrives; not quite as hardy as Redhaven.  Fruit large; bright red blush.  Early bloom time requires frost-free site;  showy blossoms.  Heavy cropper.  Fruit hangs well, so a good variety for ripening on the tree and U-Pick. Some considerable tolerance to bacterial spot.   

MADISON  Late ripening, just 2 or 3 days earlier than Elberta.  Outstanding flavor;  little fuzz.  Long chilling requirement;  late blooming.  Tends to escape spring frost. 

PF  19-007  Ripens 16 days after Redhaven. Fruit very large, freestone;  excellent flavor.    

PF 1   Ripens 30 days before Redhaven.  

PF 11  Ripens 2 days before Redhaven and produces beautiful, uniform freestone peaches.  Likely the ideal replacement for Redhaven.On of the best new peach introductions.  Ninety percent have been 2-3/4 inch and bigger for the entire harvest season, with lots of 3-in peaches.  It is much larger than Redhaven, has far fewer splits, and excellent flavor. Plant Patent #17,054     

PF 15A  Ripening 8 days after Redhaven.    

PF 17  Ripens 12 days after Redhaven.   

PF 23  (23 days after Redhaven)Medium to large, yellow freestone peach with excellent color and firmness. Trees are winter hardy, vigorous, and productive. Recommended as a variety to follow Loring. Moderately susceptible to bacterial spot. 

PF 24-007  Ripens 22 days after Redhaven. 

PF 24C COLD HARDY  Ripens 24 days after Redhaven. Superb fruit size, color, yield. Very cold hardy.  

PF 25  (28 days after Redhaven)  Very cold hardy. A highly colored, firm freestone peach ripening in the Redskin season. Tree is medium in vigor, productive, and tolerant to bacterial spot.  

PF 28-007 This peach has been ripening about 4 to 4-1/2 weeks after Redhaven.  It has good flavor and firmness, it is bacterial spot resistant and very freestone. Reports have been very good from out East.

PF 7A FREESTONE.  Ripens 10 days  before Redhaven.   

PF 8BALL Ripens 10 days before Redhaven.  Excellent flavor.  Bacterial spot resistant.  

PF 9A Ripens 2 days before Redhaven.  

PF BIG GEORGE   This peach ripens more than 7 weeks  after Redhaven, 'way after Encore. It keeps exceptionally well for extended periods in the cooler. It is very large with a lot of fruit over 3 inches. It has very high color for such a late peach with very tasty firm flesh and is very freestone. Remarkably this extremely late variety tests 15 brix. Plant Patent #19,639

PF EARLY 8 BALL Ripens 17 days before Redhaven.  Freestone, which is unusual for a very early peach. Bacterial spot resistant. 

PF FAT LADY   A classy, large peach (2-3/4 and 3 inches) ripening nearly 6 weeks after Redhaven. It is highly colored for the very late season. It is particularly hardy coming through with a good crop regularly. Very freestone; bacterial spot resistant. It has better fruit color, flavor and a stronger tree than the older late varieties Fayette and Encore. Plant Patent #14,368    

PF LUCKY 13  Ripens 6 days after Redhaven. Fruit hangs well even when fully ripe. Freestone. Productive.  

PF5B Ripens three weeks before Redhaven July 20th in Geneva NY. 7/9 cold hardiness. Mid sized peach.

PF5D BIG Ripens 3 weeks before Redhaven. Split pits are few (a major problem for most early peaches).   

REDSKIN (25 days after Redhaven, 3 days earlier than Elberta) Two famous parents gave us Redskin: J. H. Hale x Elberta. Large (but not as huge as Hale), freestone, bright red overcolor. Very high quality. Dependable, consistent production (but not quite as hardy as the 'Haven peaches) Considerable tolerance of bacterial spot.           

RELIANCE (5 days after Redhaven) Most winter-hardy peach we know. Bred in New Hampshire; released in 1964. Medium size fruit; not attractive -- dull red finish. Freestone. Very hardy in bud, stem tissue, and blossoms. Flavor doesn't approach that of less hardy varieties, but it's still the choice for difficult areas.        

RISINGSTAR  (About 5 days before Redhaven)  High quality peach to fill the gap between Garnet Beauty and Redhaven     

SENTRY   Ripening 10 days before Redhaven, Sentry peaches are unusually well sized for this early season.  A USDA cross of Loring x Sentinel.  Very attractive bright red skin; semi-freestone.  Somewhat resistant to bacterial spot; somewhat tolerant of brown rot.  Tends to have 10 to 20 per cent split pits. Tree moderately vigorous, productive.       

SURECROP   Hardy tree, winter-tolerant fruit buds, and relatively late bloom.  Medium size; asymetrical fruit. Quality fair to good -- but Surecrop crops when most others fail!! Ripens about 2 weeks before Redhaven.  Productive.        

VETERAN.  Old Canadian variety, much hardier than most peaches.  Heavy fuzz, little red color.  Excellent canning peach.        

VIVID   has been one of our best producers in the Geneva area.  Large, bright red, freestone.  Excellent flavor.