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ALEXANDER  An extremely winter-hardy antique from 17th Century Russia.  Very large green to greenish-yellow fruit, somemes striped. For cooking. Large, attractive blossoms.       

ALMATA.   Classic red-fleshed apple with Russian ancestry from a Beautiful Arcade x Fluke 38 cross made by Hansen at South Dakaota experiment station.  Bright red skin and flesh.  Tart; makes excellent bright red sauce. Extremely winter hardy.  From Hansen's breeding program. Susceptible to fire blight and scab.  


ANTONOVKA1-1/2 POUND.  A huge green apple from Russia.  Introduced by Michurin in 1888.  Very winter hardy.  Immune to apple scab; susceptible to fire blight.  Good cooker; tart.      
ANTONOVKA  KAMENICHKA  Medium-sized yellow fruit.  From Russia.  Scab-resistant; tolerant of fire blight.  Very winter-hardy.  

BLACK OXFORD   High quality winter keeper from Maine, early 1800s.  Very dark purplish-red, almost black with a distinctive bluish "bloom" on the fruit. Very winter hardy.  Said to be tolerant of insects and disease.    

BLUE PEARMAIN  An old English variety that has been successful in Maine and Quebec because of its excellent winter hardiness.  Skin very dark purplish red, similar to Black Oxford.  Fruit large; mild-flavored; sweet; aromatic.  Keeps all winter.  October ripening.           

BURGUNDY  A Cornell-Geneva introduction from Dr. Roger Way's program.  Ripens about a week before McIntosh.  Well-balanced sweet-tart flavor.  Skin bright mahoghany-red; unusual pebbled surface.  Apples hang well.  Excellent for the first autumn cider-making.            

CHESTNUT CRAB   Very hardy introduction from the University of Minnesota program;  open-pollinated seedling of Malinda.  Fruits are mostly about 2 inch diameter.  Bronze skin.  Distinctive nutty flavor. Hangs well.  Resistant to cedar apple rust.   Semi-compact tree.        

CHIEFTAN  A Delicious seedling introduced from Iowa State.  Much higher quality than Delicious;  hardy in Iowa.  Moderately resistant to fire blight and scab.        

CORTLAND  (See under Main Crop).       

RED CORTLAND (See under Main Crop).    

DOLGO   Natural semi-dwarf crab.  Early bloom, abundant pollen.  Fruit about 1" diam., 1-1/2" long -- and each little bite is delicious.  C.A.R.-resistant; tolerant to scab.Very hardy.                     

DUCHESS OF OLDENBURG  Very old Russian variety, hardy to -40F.  Early summer ripening.  Tart; primarily cooking variety.  Very productive, although can turn biennial. Rarely affected by scab.  Very susceptible to apple blotch.                   

FAMEUSE (SNOW)  The ancient Snow apple of Quebec, dating back to the 1600s.  .  Superbly winter hardy.  Brilliant white flesh, red-striped skin.  Mild flavor.  Supposed to be Mother of McIntosh.  Scab susceptible.        

FIRESIDE    An outstanding dessert apple from the Minnesota breeders.  Precocious and productive.  Good sweet-tart balance.  Moderate resistance to C.A.R.  Susceptible to scab and fire blight.