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CANADA RED  A small, rounded-pyramidal Prunus virginiana selection, growing to 15 ft.  New foliage is green, turning red, then purple as leaves mature.  Almost no suckering.  Edible fruit is dark purple.  White flowers are attractive. Not budded for 2009

KWANZAN  Double, deep rose pink flowers hang for two weeks.  The dominant variety in Washington's Tidal Basin cherry fantasy land.  Perhaps the loveliest of the flowering cherries.  On Mazzard for 2009

HOBART PINK    Single flowers in great profusion.  Very early blooming;  masses of bloom persist for about 10 days.  Grows to about 10 ft high.  Not budded for 2009

PINK WEEPER     Classical pink weeping Japanese cherry -- fountains of single pink blossoms.  Lives almost forever, and if untrimmed will go to 30 feet or more -- but easily kept within bounds with judicious pruning.  On Mazzard for 2009