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Good Things to Read

For the Professional Fruit Grower:
Intensive Orchard Management, by Dr. Bruce H. Barritt.  211 pages -- the best book in the business.Order from Good Fruit Grower, 1005 Tieton Dr., Yakima WA 98902 or from our bookstore.
The Apple Grower.  For the organic-oriented grower, Michael Phillips' book is the classic base.  Michael lays out the how-tos in excellent detail; he warns of the limitations. Lots of good common sense, too.
Old Southern Apples, by Lee Calhoun.  An exhaustive study of heirloom apple varieties, including many thought to be extinct.  Although focused on the South, many of the varieties Lee discusses have been important in the North as well.
Compact Fruit Tree.  Proceedings of each annual meeting of the International Dwarf Fruit Tree Assoc., the top growers' organization in North America. Annual dues $50; to Charles J. Ax, Jr., 14 So. Main, Middleburg, PA 17842.

Good Fruit Grower.  A very high quality monthly magazine, focused on West Coast deciduous tree fruit crops.

Great Lakes Fruit Grower News
.  A very high quality monthly newspaper, aimed at Midwest and Eastern orcharding.  PO Box 128, Sparta, MI 49345; $18/year.

American Fruit Grower
.  Monthly magazine covering a wide range of fruit crops across the country.

Fruit Varieties Journal
.  A Quarterly magazine of the American Pomological Society.  Variety and rootstock introductions and evaluations; heavy to scientific reports.  Membership $25/yr. to Dr. Rob Crassweller, 102 Tyson Bldg., University Park, PA 16802.
For the Home Orchardist:
Pomona.  The quarterly journal of the North American Fruit Explorers (NAFEX).  Member-written short notes, covering every fruit crop imaginable, from Manitoba to Miami.  Well worth the $8/yr membership fee.  Jill Vorbeck, RR#1, Chapin, IL 62628.
Dwarfed Fruit Trees, by Dr. H.B. Tukey.  Although 40+ years from the first printing, this classic is still great reading, especially the sections on espalier and other older tree training methods.

Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory,
Kent Whealy, ed.  An outstanding compilation of fruit varieties, with descriptions and sources.  Availble from Seed Savers Exchange, 3076 N. Winn Rd., Decorah, Iowa 52101
Books by Lee Reich:
Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden

The Pruning Book

Landscaping With Fruit: Strawberry ground covers, blueberry             hedges, grape arbors, and 39 other luscious fruits to make your yard an edible paradise.

Cooperative Extension
Don't forget your local Cooperative Extension Service.  They have excellent "how to" publications for little or nothing.  If they don't have the answer to your question, they will refer you to somebody who probably does.