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HINTS FOR PLANTING APRICOTS- Apricots are very susceptible to "Wet Feet".  It is always best to plant on very well drained soil.  If you have marginal soil, planting on a large berm about 1 ft. high with a 10 ft. diameter will extend the life of your trees dramatically.

ALFRED  Very hardy New York introduction.  Medium-small fruit.  Very good flavor.  Dependably productive. 

HARCOT  This early variety matures a week before Goldcot.  Fruit is medium size, attractive orange with slight blush.  Very good sweet flavor, fine texture.  Cold hardy; moderately tolerant of bacterial spot.   

HARGLO  Relatively dependable production.  For fresh market, PYO, home gardening.  Suitable for home canning.  Fruits are medium size, bright orange, freestone, firm, sweet.  Compact, late-blooming, productive tree.  Moderately resistant to perennial canker, brown rot and bacterial spot.  Self-fertile (but it's prudent to have pollenizer variety).   

HARGRAND  Fruits are exceptionally large, commonly more than 2 1/4 inches.  Dull orange with speckled blush.  Flesh is firm, orange, freestone; good flavor and texture.  Relatively tolerant to brown rot, bacterial spot and perennial canker.  Cold hardy.    

HARLAYNE  Medium-size fruit.  Skin carries bright red blush on glossy orange; freestone; very firm.  Productive tree.  Late ripening.  Resistant to perennial canker, considerable resistance to brown rot and to bacterial spot.  

HARVAL  Orange fruit with red blush.  Moderately productive.     

HAROGEM  Fruits medium-small.  Keeping quality is exceptionally good.  Skin is red blush on orange; orange flesh.  Resistant to perennial canker and to brown rot.     

SUGAR PEARL Late blooming, rich, sweet apricot. Self-fertile. A royalty of $3.00 is added to the base price of this tree.



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